About Cherry Sparks

Welcome to Cherry Sparks Illustrations

I am freelance multimedia artist based in Ireland who spends her free time making traditional and digital paintings, illustrations and sketches.

I’ve been drawing pretty much my whole life. Ever since I can remember, my teachers and classmates told me that drawing was my ‘talent’. By the time I was able to work my first full time job, I joined the ‘rat race’ and neglected my passion for creating art, in pursuit of climbing the corporate ladder. (It was exhausting and I was always too drained to create anything.)

Fast forward to 2019 – With my Husbands support, I became a stay at home dog mom, I picked up my art tools and took part in the Inktober challenge for the first time and decided to pursue my dream of creating again.

And here we are, 3 years later – after working on improving my skills with art challenges, playing around with different art mediums and taking commissions on – my very own Art website to sell original works, prints and take commission requests.

Thank you for taking the time to view my page,